Tuesday, December 7, 2010

SHFileOperation – All in one file management API

Tip  - It can do many things; Copy, move, rename, or delete file system object(s). 
Details  -

·         SHFileOperation can handle different file management operations; Copy, move, rename, or delete. 
·         It can do operations on multiple files in a single execution.
·         It can copy security attributes; CopyFile or CopyFileEx cannot copy the security attributes of the source to destination while file attributes can be copied.
·         It can display a progress dialog similar to the windows copy dialog, based on specific flags.
·         There is no direct progress call-back option. CopyFileEx allows specifying a call-back pointer which will get invoked periodically.
·         GetLastError() API cannot be used to detect the errors while executing SHFileOperation.
·         You can delete the file keeping it in recycle bin, by specifying the FOF_ALLOWUNDO flag.
·         File deletion can be made recursive.
·         Operations on multiple files use the double-null terminated format.
·         And so on; it suits most of the file operations generally carried out programmatically.


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