Monday, November 15, 2010

Terminal Services RemoteApp

Tip - How to configure RemoteApp.

Details - In the past, with Windows Terminal Server, remote users could only access the entire Windows desktop of the machine they were connecting to. With RemoteApp, the administrator can configure the server to allow users to connect to just a single application using RDP / Terminal Services. “RemoteApps” can be distributed with either .MSI package installers, .RDP files, or users can access the remoteapps through the new Windows Terminal Server web access.

How to configure: Applications are configured as RemoteApps using the RemoteApp Manager tool.
1.       Start RemoteApp Manager from the Start -> All Programs -> Remote Desktop Services -> RemoteApp Manager or by running remoteprograms.msc in a Run dialog or at a command prompt.
2.       Click on the Add RemoteApp Programs link in the Actions panel. (Refer the attached figure)
3.       Select the application to be runned as RemoteAPP.
4.       Select the RemoteApp program from RemoteApp Manager’s RemoteApp Programs list and select Create .rdp File from the menu.
5.       Copy the .rdp file generated in Step 4 to client computer.

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