Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Moves a file or directory, including its children. A callback function can be used to receive progress notifications

Tip- MoveFileWithProgress()

Details - The MoveFileWithProgress function coordinates its operation with the link tracking service, so link sources can be tracked as they are moved.

BOOL WINAPI MoveFileWithProgress(
  __in      LPCTSTR lpExistingFileName,
  __in_opt  LPCTSTR lpNewFileName,
  __in_opt  LPPROGRESS_ROUTINE lpProgressRoutine,
  __in_opt  LPVOID lpData,
  __in      DWORD dwFlags

The lpProgressRoutine  parameter specifies a pointer to a CopyProgressRoutine
 callback function, that is called each time another portion of the file has been moved.  The callback function can be useful if a user interface is provided that displays the progress of the operation.

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