Monday, November 29, 2010

Dependency Walker

Tip - The dependency walker, has version upgrades with several new features. 

Details  -
 The depends.exe distributed with VS6, has undergone several changes. From V1.0 to 2.2, it has became capable of displaying C++ name mangling resolved symbols, detecting delay loaded DLLs (see previous tip about delay loaded DLL) and a profiling option to resolve the dynamic dependencies.  Original depends.exe V 1.0 do not show the delay loaded dlls, and eventually became untrustworthy for resolving dependencies when VC++ 6 started supporting delay loading of DLLs. So, beware of the version being used when trying the dependency walker; it can betray you. The name mangling resolved symbols are very helpful being much more readable than the original representation. Profiling, which require to run the application using depends profiles, will apply the detected dynamic dependencies (say, a LoadLibrary() ‘ed DLL) to its display on-the-fly.

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