Sunday, September 12, 2010

UWSC- a powerful scripting tool

Tip - Introducing UWSC - a powerful scripting tool.

Details - UWSC is a free scripting tool. It is very easy to use tool. We can either record the scripts or write manually.
By using the simple scripts we can perform almost all GUI actions.
Using the COM/DLL support of this tool we can extend the capability of the scripts. This tool is the core part of the well using Test Automation Framework(TAF) developed by NeST.
Of course this will save your time and help to perform many tedious operations!

How to use:
1.    Click on the Recorder button
2.    Perform the UI operations and press Alt +F2 to finish the recording
3.    Click on the Play script button to play back the recorded script

Reference -

Posted by - Ajmal Karuthedath

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