Friday, October 22, 2010

Parallel Workstation Extreme

Tip - Parallels Workstation Extreme is a virtualization platform that enables end-users to experience dedicated host graphic and networking resources in a virtualized environment.

Details - Parallels Workstation Extreme is a software product that enables to create virtual machines on any PC with a 1.66 GHz (minimum) Intel® processor with the Intel VT-x hardware virtualization technology support. If the host computer has an Intel VT-d chipset and an additional PCIe video adapter (except for the one used by the host computer) in its configuration, we can add this video adapter to the virtual machine. The virtual machine will directly access this video adapter without using the resources of the primary OS. Before adding a video adapter to the virtual machine, it should be assigned to the virtual machines in the Intel VT-d pane of Parallels Workstation Extreme Preferences.

Like other virtualization software, Parallels Workstation Extreme uses a hypervisor [See previous posts] to grant its virtual machines’ direct access to the host computer’s hardware. Previously, users could not virtualize these kinds of high-end graphics programs because virtualization did not support the program’s hardware requirements such as dedicated graphics cards, large allocations of memory, and multiple CPUs. To let users virtualize these resource-intensive programs, Parallels partnered with Intel and NVidia and incorporated their technologies into Parallels Workstation Extreme.

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