Monday, September 27, 2010

How to measure GUI display time

Tip: - we can measure GUI Display/Change time without using a separate stopwatch. This is helpful especially when working with end-user GUI performance feel.
Details:- This measures time between color change of pixels in 2 targets. If we want to measure the time taken for displaying/enabling/disabling a dialog/control when a GUI operation( button click ) is done. Here we will set the (x,y) coordinates of button as Target1(generally button will have some color change to simulate the feel of being clicked). (x,y) of the dialog which is going to displayed( as a result of button click) is set as target2. Then press "Start" button of FlashTime and click on the Target1 button. When the Target2 dialog is displayed, we can see the time taken in the result area of Flash Time. If no color change is observed in Target1 or Target2 , error will be displayed. Time span between first color change of target1 and last color change of target2 calculated as time taken.

Controls in FlashTime GUI
Pitch(ms) - polling frequency in which color change is checked
Total(ms) - Maximum measurement time span Highlight Target - Puts a temporary white pixel in the target (x,y) GetColor - Gets the color of target (x,y) SetTarget - sets the (x,y) captured by dragging mouse as desired Target

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